Teacher, traveler, over-analyzer, and author of The Cellar, along with poetry that has been featured in Poet LoreRattleCALYXQu, and The Timberline Review. You can contact her at mskathlo@yahoo.com.


“A funny, flawed heroine whom readers of all ages will identify with and admire.  A touching tale of two people from different times, both trying to keep their splintering families together.” –Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Julia shines as a thoughtful and engaging narrator…in this warm-hearted, ethereal novel.” Publishers Weekly ABNA review


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sandra Steckel said:

    I may be leaving this comment in the wrong place since it’s not for the above but for the WHO poem that came to me this morning via Rattle. Brilliant! I just read that headline this morning and…rolled my eyes! Everything’s better with bacon.

    I’ll be reading your blog and poems. The book looks good too!

    Regards, Sandra

  2. Zita Fogarty said:

    Hi K.Lo. I enjoyed it immensely too, and thought the ending was perfect (in a sombre under cooked kind of way). You have cleverly interwoven humour with a touch of raw sentiment. And the timing is brilliant.


  3. another Sandra here and exact same comments – spooky – must be left over Halloween spirits.

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